About Valueadders

We Add Value

ValueAdders and SteenJensen.com are a group of independent consultants that specialize in Cross Border Public Procurement.

We have extensive experience with Cross Border Public Procurement and help both companies that have not previously operated in the public market, and companies that have long experience with public procurement. 

We have a solid network of consultants throughout Europe and we can assist within all arears of Cross Border Public Procurement, market research and analysis.

Our assistance is adjustable and agreed upon case-by-case. We both act
as the “additional resource” for the sales team or we take on the role of project manager and run the entire case from the market dialogue to the signing og the 

We are informal yet professional and take a pragmatic approach to each case. Our goal is to work efficiently, and before we take any action, we always ask, “Does this add value”?

Partners and Associates

Lars Raae

Relationship Manager

Specialist in supplier recruitment, relationship management and public procurement

Steen Jensen

Legal Procurement Expert

International public procurement expert. Specialist in contract implementation and controling

Martin Glaser

Managing Partner

Bidding and tender expert. Specialist in public procurement, negotiation and relationship management

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