Ethical guidelines

In ValueAdders we work as independent consultants. 

ValueAdders works in many different industries and with many different companies.

We treat all information, data and documents we receive with absolute confidentiality.  When we solve a task, we always act loyally, properly and with an unconditional respect for our customer’s values, culture and guidelines.

ValueAdders complies with good consulting ethics and applicable legislation.

We guarantee that ValueAdders does not have and will not have any interest, directly or indirectly, that is or may conflict with the performance of the task. We further guarantee that we will not use collaborators in carrying out the task that may have such conflicting interest.

We do not undertake tasks that conflict with the customer’s own values, guidelines and procedures, applicable law and ValueAdders’s moral and ethical code.

ValueAdders makes no decision on behalf of the customer. We analyze data, have dialogue with the customer’s employees and clarify the objective and subjective results of the work, respectively.

We can always document the content of our work and undertake to keep the content confidential for 5 years from the end of the task.

ValueAdders has taken out valid advisor insurance.

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