Non-Disclosure Agreement


  1. All information/knowledge about the partner and VA, orally, in writing as in use, the partner and VA undertake to process so that the information remains inaccessible to unauthorized persons and that there is also no danger of unauthorized persons becoming aware of it.
  2. The partner and the VA do not have the right to use the information otherwise than for the implementation of projects where the use/access is agreed.
  3. The partner and VA have the right, if it is desired, to know how the partner and VA protect the information from becoming available to unauthorized persons.
  4. The partner and the VA undertake not to entrust the information to anyone they cooperate with, they have as employees or the like, to a greater extent than what according to the prerequisites must be seen as necessary or safe. Before the partner and the VA in such cases entrust the information to others, it must be ensured that it is instructed on the secret nature of the information and they must sign a declaration of secrecy.
  5. The partner and the VA must have written consent from each other before the information can be left, in whole or in part, to persons other than those mentioned in the above paragraph.
  6. The partner and the VA must keep a list of employees or others who gain full or partial insight into the information contained in the information. The list must be available to both parties.
  7. If nothing else has been agreed, the partner and the VA shall, at the request of one of the parties, immediately return all the material provided describing the information.
  8. The partner and VA do not have the right to copy the information or otherwise copy the material provided to a greater extent than is necessary for the sensible processing of the material after the agreed use.

This Agreement does not include:

Information which, at the time the partner and the VA provided information to each other, had to be considered as generally known or which subsequently became public knowledge, without the partner and VA being responsible for it.

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